Explaing call center procees and how it's started

Do you know when did the Call Center start in India?

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Call center when we hear or say this word what comes in our mind “High package, usually night shift, interacting with international customers by solving their queries by becoming as ‘Customer Service Representative” or by working as “Sales representative” by selling products. Let us see when & how the call center started in India, also I will share my experience in this field.


In India the call center life started in early 90’s when the business was outsourced by US, UK & Australian companies as it benefited them with low labor costs, and large English-speaking population and people were ready to work for 24/7. If we do a over-all study of call center will come to know in India Call center workers are largely under the age of thirty, unmarried, and college-educated, regardless of gender and they find themselves convenient by working for different time zones like US, UK, and Australia and they find it easiest and fastest mode to become financially stable as call-center were the highest payer in the industry.


Initially when call center started the main focus was selling the products and handling customer queries over the phone. If we see recently, the call-center has now been termed as “Contact center” as people have started multi-tasking, apart from helping customers over the phone they have also started servicing customers through “Chat, E-mail, Video Conferencing” keeping the customers happy & with quick resolution. As we use advance high-end technology, it not only attract the customers but also increases the reputation of the company in the market.


After completing graduation was looking out for a job with good package and got a chance to work with my 1st international BPO (call center) which was for selling products to US customers. I can re-collect the day when went on floor for 1st day of taking call was much tensed and was shivering. As time passed was promoted and transferred in a different team which was a verification team who used to listen the calls done by agent & provide them with the feed-back. The 2nd call center in which I had worked was for a banking process where I use to handle customers banking queries. As per my performance also got an opportunity to travel to Manila to give training and set-up process and handle a team.


As we know call center is a place where anyone can earn handsome amount to full-fill their dreams. In present day many youngsters who have good technical knowledge or are expert in any field and wishes to make a career in call center industry they get higher easily on their ability and as per performance they get promoted and grow in the company within a short span of time.

In this blog I have tried to highlight my thoughts and some points about the life in call center.

Indicate After Lockdown Guidelines

The after lockdown guidelines

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We are counting the last few days of the official lockdown, I can see many people around waiting to go out. But the war isn’t over yet even if all the restriction gets lifted, as a responsible citizen we have to live with disciple and follow certain rules.

4 emoji in different colour with mask

Government is lifting the lockdown that doesn’t mean going out to parties, cafes and gathering are safe. Changes of contamination are still high we are ought to follow all the precautionary measures.

We are not supposed to make gatherings for more than 4 people and always maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet. For workplaces, maintain a proper distance between two chairs and conduct only video conferences.


Don’t be lenient about hygiene practices if you are going out do not touch walls, rails of staircases, lift buttons (Use a key or your elbow to press the button)

Wash your hands every 1 hour at least, do not touch your face.


Prepare a protection kit for yourself before going out which includes a mask, hand sanitiser, gloves if possible.

While you are outside use sanitiser every once in a while and avoid public transport.


Use digital wallets for monetary transactions to avoid touching currency notes.

For workplaces, if you have not adopted digital documentation process this is the high time, use digital signature for authorisation purpose, circulate important documents via scan copies.  


This is the first part of our guideline series, we hope these can help our fellow citizens to stay safe and healthy.