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What Is Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite combines Business Intelligence, CRM, and ERP to help companies streamline operations. Nevertheless, for marketing, businesses needed a purpose-built solution. Recognizing the immense necessity, Microsoft added D365 for Marketing as the last piece of the puzzle to the D365 suite.

When it comes to marketing automation and better customer management, Dynamics 365 for Marketing pops into our minds first. The solution has become the most preferred marketing solution globally. Businesses used to rely on third-party services to accomplish marketing goals.

Numerous businesses across the globe already incorporated Dynamics 365 Marketing and experienced increased lead volume, conversions, and marketing ROI. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps companies maximize their marketing capabilities to transform prospects into lasting business relationships.

Let’s find out what Dynamics 365 for Marketing is and what features it offers!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the first purpose-built marketing automation application that equips SMBs with the necessary tools for successful marketing. The application’s interface is user-centric and thus easy to use. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with built-in capabilities for customer journey management, email marketing, event management, lead scoring, and landing pages.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Features:

Microsoft D365 Marketing put together extended capabilities to enhance campaign management, increase lead quality and accelerate the conversion process. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a remarkable tool for organizations that need to perk up their marketing strategies. D365 Marketing caters to both B2C and B2B marketing. Nonetheless, it is much suitable for B2B marketing. Among many, several features of D365 marketing does a great job in making marketing automation super-efficient.

Creative Effective Emails

D365 Marketing users can create emails with graphics elements and online content to boost marketing campaigns. The app has customizable email templates, drag-and-drop design for content creation from beginning to end.

Interactive Customer Journey

Marketing professionals can use its drag-and-drop journey designer to create tailored customer journeys to foster leads. D365 Marketing made it easier to formulate automated, multi-channel campaigns and leverage personalized email messages, launch workflows, and follow-up activities.

Connect and Target LinkedIn Audience

D365 Marketing users can efficiently target the right audience from LinkedIn. The application allows you to import leads generated with LinkedIn’s lead tools to expand your reach and increase conversions.

Event Management

Native event management tools in Dynamics 365 for Marketing distinguish it from its alternatives. Organizations interested in hosting seminars or conferences can utilize its inbuilt tools to conduct such events professionally.

Besides that, D365 Marketing offers analytical tools, allows users to track, score and nurture leads, manage and deliver webinars, and many other activities to improve marketing.

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