How an organisation can become a happy place to work for its employees?

There are countless benefits to finding a job that makes you happy, not the least of which is not having to suffer from the Sunday night blues, the Monday morning misery, the Tuesday terrors or…well you get our point. Furthermore, being happy at work is critical to your success. When people are more excited about their work, they invest more time and energy into their job.

A recent study by staffing firm Robert Half, which evaluated the happiness levels of more than 12,000 working professionals, shows that happier workers also perform better, take more pride in their work than their less-jubilant counterparts. Also, they found higher levels of employee engagement lead to greater productivity. And workers who feel valued are motivated to make real, tangible contributions to the company. If you’re searching for a new job, or just feeling less engaged with your role than you’d like to be, let us assist you in locating a career opportunity where you can fit and thrive.


With these 12 tips, a little love and some elbow grease, we know you can elevate the happiness of your organisation.

  1. Host Engaging Team-Building Events with The Go GameFun leads to happiness

2. Greet Your Team –A little hello goes a long way in the workplace




3. Deliver Praise and Recognition Often


4.  Make Work Fulfilling

5. Make Work/Life Balance a Priority

6. Encourage Workplace Wellness

7. Hire Happy Personalities

8. Refrain from Micromanaging

9. Launch an Individual Development Plan

10. Use Feedback as a Mini-Mentoring Tool

11. Get out of your Work Routine (Occasionally)

12. Have Meaningful Conversations with Team Members


It’s important to take the time to study facial expressions, responses and genuineness when interviewing potential candidates. These are the people who will make your workplace happier.

The benefits of a happy workplace are so abundant that not taking advantage of employee morale is a disadvantage. By fostering an environment in which employees feel comfortable, cared for, and recognised, your company’s productivity will increase significantly, as well as customer satisfaction.

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