Case Study of Fugnoo - Food Delivery Mobile App

Food Delivery App

About the App:

With Fugnoo you can design your meal; you can decide the portion of your meals. It’s an altogether new concept in food ordering where you have no constraints of placing an order in the set laid downsizes whether or not your heart and stomach feel like having. It has something more to offer besides delivering food at your doorsteps.

  • My Cart: Here you can add food items, it has search bar on the top and check out, amount of the dishes added, No. of items at the bottom.
  • My Wallet: This features helps to add money to your wallet in the app.
  • Main menu: In this menu you can search different dishes according to your interests.
  • Payment option: This feature gives options of paying from wallet and using coupons, at the bottom you can change address and place order.