Case Study of
Learning Management System - Web App

LMS Web App

Project Overview:

Our Learning Management System enables an organization to effectively train a large group of individuals spread across the organization. With a Learning Management System, training and e-Learning are managed by software that allows users and administrators alike to easily access courses and training reports.

  • The user can do registration using his Name, Mobile, Email and City (with validation). Email Verification is not mandatory)

  • This section has list of Courses/Class/Topics (Radio single Selection)
  • The user can have a Sub-Screen – Selection of Subject (Home Screen)

Video Screen

  • The user can have here a subject wise list of topics for videos.
  • Here the app shows progress percentage / completed video which the users have completed.

Test Screen

  • This feature has question list in pagination as tab bars listed as
  • It has timer on top.
  • The user can have flags to mark question as “do later or skip”.

  • This screen shows the no. of correct, incorrect and skipped answers to the users.

  • When the user opens the profile Option
  • Following are the options available to him: Feedback, Home screen & select any course.
  • Screen 8: Profile
  • Features and Actions:
  • Edit Profile option: Name, Email & Contact and Change / create password.

  • Here the user can add new courses, search and reset them.

  • The users can win certifications after completing courses.