Case Study of
Point of Sale - Web App


Project Overview:

The Application is used to order food items from POS. The application is designed in such a way that it supports the entire user experience like Pick Up, Drive through or Home delivery for users. The application is bilingual in English and Arabic language.

  • This screen shows the users the lists of restaurants with some Taglines.

  • Send request to Warehouse with list of Items
  • Warehouse check for items, if it is not available, they can update and send request to Purchasing
  • Purchasing department review an item in warehouse and request.
  • Purchasing department sends request to finance with or without modification
  • Finance will review the request, if there is enough fund approves the request otherwise holds it
  • If approved transferred to executive manager for final approval
  • After Final approval, finance and purchasing receives notification
  • Purchasing department order the items from suppliers
  • Finance department transfer the fund through IBAN to supplier.

  • Different persons are assigned for particular table numbers.
  • The app has options like settle bill, new bill, cancel bill options at the bottom while billing for a particular table number with the total number of orders a particular table has made.
  • You can select a particular table no and the amount for that table is displayed on the screen.