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Product Overview

Dynamics CRM does not offer a mobile application. MoreYeahs’ created one single application to cover the most important area for industrial who wants to keep themselves updated on mobile for their work while they are on travel or away. Native Application which supports all devices & OS is used widely. The user can access Cases, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts and accounts any time anywhere. Without any middleware or deployment, just access via Office 365 credentials.


Mobile Friendly


Supports all screen


Key entities
are supported


Total time
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New record generation

D365 Lite Mobile Application | Dashboard and Pi Chart

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our success story associated with this app

It's a hyper local e-commerce grocery app. Hyper local app allows users to solve household related problems. This app has solutions to all the problems like keeping records, list of last/previous ordered items, and their price. Anyone can order groceries at anytime anywhere., with a single touch on there phone; people can explore all the groceries they need This is a B2B and B2C app.

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