Software Maintenance and Support

Typical development teams spend much of their effort in performing routine maintenance and support activities for products which are in the maintenance phase, rather than on new product lines or software releases.

With MoreYeahs’ software maintenance and support services, customer teams are able to focus on developing new features and products for the market, instead of performing monotonous software maintenance activities.

MoreYeahs provides a team of support experts who can provide long term continual maintenance and customer support services aligning with customer SLA.

We follows a well-defined, time-proven and future-proof maintenance process which promotes preventive maintenance so that the effort spent on customer reported issues can be reduced drastically. We provide range of software maintenance capabilities that include

Our Offerings

Application maintenance and Support

Customers with large legacy installations can continue to maintain their installed software without hampering development activities in more strategic areas. They can reallocate resources so as to maximize the strategic benefits of new technology. With MoreYeahs’ offshore development and support activities, customers can increase the value derived from their legacy applications.

MoreYeahs’ professionals are skilled in many legacy platforms with both language and database skills and are adept in the use of many third party tools.

PRODUCT maintenance and Support

Software product vendors can use MoreYeahs’ offshore maintenance services to continue to maintain their current products while using their resources in building newer versions of their products. They can manage the ramp-up and scale-down of efforts that are required for peaks and troughs that are typical of a product over its maintenance cycle.



We help organizations understand their customers better and enhance the conversations. We help our clients get the most out of their CRM implementation by enabling a customer-centric digital business.

Our expertise in above domain enable us to provide tailor made solutions for you. We believe that migration to cloud would only be successful if the underlying system is robust. We provide you the best.
Web development
We specialize in developing highly engaging web and eCommerce solutions that will help you dominate the digital marketplace. Moreyeahs offers a variety of website design and development services,
Testing and QA
We provide a broad spectrum of testing services depending upon the requirement of your app. The reason for testing to happen is to increase the customer satisfaction as it marginally reduces the performance risk.
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Akhilesh, I like how you guys work. Where have you guys been all my life! Please never stop being brilliant or reducing the quality of your communication, Speed of work and good understanding of the client. It’s a great asset .

Group 113

I look forward to a long relationship and we being your largest client in the very near future.

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Everyone is quite pleased. Applying those work around was what we needed. Thank you for doing that! Great work! Your skill and experience with the MSCRM portal environment is apparent.

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I look forward to a long relationship and we being your largest client in the very near future.

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The work that you are doing its awesome, thanks a lot.


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