Integration of One-drive to CRM

In a nutshell, our objective is to reduce the pain of uploading the file to CRM and provide storage to users. With Office, 365 organizations have One drive with enough storage but not able to use it. We have found a way to use the storage integrated to CRM where only 10 GBs of storage is given.


You are a Shoe manufacturing company and track every complaint using Dynamics CRM. Now, you have used your all storage on dynamics while uploading articles and attachment to cases. So, you can use our solution and get your one drive solution and optimize your storage with getting all attachments (including images, videos and etc) for getting uploaded to one drive rather than CRM and link on the case to download it any time. Now, you can upload even 10 GBs of video to any case and do not need to delete to it. If you exhaust the storage on One drive still it is less costly than storage on Dynamics.

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Key Features
  • Easy Upload from Case Form.
  • Easy User interface.
  • Parent and Child Folder creation.
  • Direct Association with case.


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