Top 5 Key Features of SharePoint (2021)


Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management used by over 190 million people worldwide. Organizations can automate business processes, securely share data across departments internally and externally, and track progress.

SharePoint is a website-based system that comprises workflow applications, web parts, list databases, security features that help organizations enhance collaboration and work efficiently.

If you’re not aware of what is SharePoint used for in business and haven’t considered adopting it to your business, this blog will change your mind. Here we’re going to talk about the top 5 key features of SharePoint!

Top 5 Key Features of SharePoint (2021)

SharePoint usage varies from business to business— it can serve as collaboration software, intranet or extranet, or a document management system.

Advanced Outlook for SharePoint Teams Sites

Microsoft SharePoint 2019 now has a modernized team site upgraded from a classic version. SharePoint users can leverage shared content and resources, keep watch on project status through teams sites. Its news publishing engine is a remarkable addition that enables intra-team communication without office 365’s dedicated chat group case. Moreover, response triggers in SharePoint are default now. The latest team sites are not only responsive but also include a news publishing engine and enable users to share news with the team instantly. 

Improvised OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint users can synchronize OneDrive with Windows 10. The recent improvement made to OneDrive was the Next Generation Sync Client that allows users to work on Files on Demand and other latest innovations.

Enhanced SharePoint Communication Sites

Another significant feature SharePoint users are excited about is revamped communications sites. SharePoint 2019 has three templates for the communication site— Tropic, Showcase, and Blank. Communication sites let users share business news, policies, procedures, and other types of information without much hassle.

Improved Search Function

The latest SharePoint is equipped with a faster and efficient search function. Users can easily search required data at lightning speed with the use of filters and conditions.

SharePoint Home

One of the most significant features in SharePoint is definitely SharePoint Home, It brings all the news together in a single location from communication and team sites. All the sites that a user follows are kept together such as activity from each site and instant access to favorite sites.

Up-to-date Libraries and Lists

Advanced lists and libraries in Microsoft SharePoint allow users to access important information promptly. You can access permissions and metadata on the front page and share data and information easily through “Copy To” and “Move To tabs.” Besides that, users can utilize conditional formatting to refine data on their lists and libraries. This way, users can share information precisely without putting the whole data at risk.

Modified Framework Support

Microsoft SharePoint is now equipped with an efficient framework. It can’t be considered as a new feature but a necessary improvisation in the old framework support. It’s extremely useful for developers and makes it easy for them to work on SharePoint framework client-side web parts, asset packaging, and automatic javascript file hosting through the app catalog.

Bottom Line

Apart from the key features, there are several other features we’d like to mention such as powerapps and flow integration, power bi report server integration, improved hybrid app launcher, onedrive synchronisation with the new onedrive client, etc. We hope that you’ve found the answer Why Sharepoint is used and what the top features of SharePoint are.

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