SaaS SEO: Effective Growth Strategy for your Business


There is no denying the fact that the software-as-a-service is booming day by day.

As per the Gartner predictions. “Global SaaS revenues will hit $75.8 billion by 2021.” As per the report, nearly 52% of the SaaS companies last year augmented their spending on customer retention.

So, the question that arises is how can you make your company stand out in the competitive SaaS sphere? Well, SaaS SEO is here to help you.

You need to work on your SaaS based marketing plan. You need to take a step back to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategies and improvise your upcoming plans to attain a competitive position soon. In this post, we’ll throw light on some of the effective SaaS SEO strategies to leverage in 2022.

SaaS SEO: Effective Growth Strategy for your Business

In this post, we’ll throw light on some of the effective SaaS SEO strategies to leverage in 2022.

What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO involves website optimization using related content with keywords to improve ranking on Google. Common strategies for this include running site audits, deep keyword research, and optimization of on-page SEO, content creation, and generating links from well-known sites. Though this sounds quite easy, SaaS SEO comes with multiple sets of challenges like:

Things to Consider Before Implementing SaaS Marketing Strategies

Things to Consider Before Implementing SaaS Marketing Strategies
Before developing and implementing several SaaS marketing strategies, it’s essential to keep in mind a few important things. Whatever strategies you apply, if you don’t know your competition, customers, and selling points even the best strategy won’t work. Some of the major things that need to be considered are:
Understanding who your target audience should be the primary focus. You need to perform extensive research related to what drives their purchasing decisions, identifying the features and benefits that seem to be important for them. Understand where they are spending more time online, and what type of content they are responding to the most.
Once you have understood your customer’s preferences, you can now start using the SaaS marketing strategies to help them reach and engage themselves effectively. This includes updating websites with engaging content, partnering with other brands or influencers, creating targeted social media ads, etc.
The third thing that you must consider understands your competition and competitors. Delve into their marketing materials to understand what better strategies they are applying. Use a step ahead of them to position yourself as the best option for potential customers.

How A Proper SEO Strategy Can Benefit SaaS Businesses

Implementing a SaaS SEO strategy can help the business in the following ways:

SaaS SEO can help businesses in boosting their ranking in SERPs. This will in turn increase your site’s visibility and generate more traffic.

Ranking higher in SERPs will not only allow you to get more traffic to your site but will get leads and sales.

Being a more targeted approach, focussing on SaaS SEO can help in increasing the ROI of online marketing efforts.

Higher ranked SaaS businesses on SERPs are likely to be trusted by the target audience. These businesses ate more trustworthy and have high credibility.
With several well-known companies offering SaaS services for SEO, choosing the right one needs to perform a good amount of research. If you are the one who owns a SaaS business or is looking to start in 2022, try the below-mentioned strategies to grow your business.
Content marketing is one of the most important strategies that can’t be ignored. Most potential customers look for a solution to their problems online. Make sure that your company has the potential to offer that solution in the form of good informational content. To come up with an effective content marketing strategy, make sure that you first focus on your customer’s pain point. Understanding this provides solutions that they require. Research the key topics relevant to your industry and create content for your target audience. Some of the high-performing content are:
Now if you want your website to catch the attention of your audience, make sure that the content pillars you generate are SEO optimized. This will help you to list on the top of Google search results and get caught by your prospective customers. To achieve this, you need to perform keyword research using several tools and discover key phrases and words that best suit your industry. Researching on keywords will let you know what people are searching for, which is having high conversion rates, etc.
Optimize Your Website in a better way
Creating a website with high SEO value and good met-data is important. So is having a high-converting website with perfect on-page elements. Effective landing pages have the power to boost your conversion rate. Rather than creating multiple CTA buttons, ensure to have a single CTA appropriately on the page allowing visitors to take necessary actions. With several providers available online, you can avail of website design service for SaaS at much affordable rates.
Getting user reviews can prove to be a great help for your business, but hardly people invest in it. Offer free trials of your product with minimal or no cost. Taking a test drive of your product will help your prospective buyers to use it and decide whether it’s helpful for them or not. Certain businesses offer 14 days of 30 days trial which is enough for your customers to decide before committing to your service.
tracking your SaaS metrics
Until and unless you are tracking your SaaS metrics, you will never get to know about the performance of your business. Ensure to find what is dragging your company back. Address those issues effectively to come up with successful improvements. Some of the important SaaS metrics are:
Email is a direct means of the one-to-one communication channel with your customers. Use email marketing strategy to share the latest business updates, industry news, and informative content like blog posts, invitations to webinars, offers, discounts, new product launches, etc. To achieve this, create an email list and send them newsletters weekly or monthly.
This strategy is much more than just setting up a Facebook or LinkedIn page. In order to have a specific social media marketing strategy, you can hire a social media manager who can look after all your social presence. Like what type of content you need to post, at what time, and date. Plus, remember to leverage the potential of all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube.


These are some of the major strategies helpful in increasing brand awareness, lead generation, sales, and your overall business revenue. So, take advantage of SaaS SEO to optimize your business performance. Lastly, forming a strong relationship with customers, partners, and affiliates, spreading your network, and offering free products or services can easily help you stand out from the crowd.