Healthcare Management System


100% cloud native solutions for hospitals or Healthcare organisations

Every day million of patient records are rekeyed from one system to another, wasting the time of clinicians and creating needless risks to patient health and security. Cloud-based systems remove this problem, creating innovative patient pleasing experiences.

Technology has unleashed productivity and creativity in finance, government, and national security. There’s no reason why healthcare providers should be locked into a software vendor or lag behind other sectors that share common challenges in data security and accessibility.

With MoreYeahs Healthcare cloud solutions patients can securely access the care they need, accompanied by their health records. Clinics, surgeries, and hospitals save time and money by seamlessly accessing disjointed islands of data and siloed technology, providing a more comprehensive view of the patient. Members of the care team can access critical healthcare data anytime, anywhere, knowing that access is secure by design.

Our Speciality

  • Secured System
  • Access Anytime and Anywhere
  • Video Consultation in Real Time
  • Built on Robust MS Infrastructure
  • Low Cost and Improved Care