What Is Microsoft Azure Used for [2021]


Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform launched in February 2010. Azure is an ideal solution for businesses and enterprises to extend capabilities, solve challenges, and build innovative solutions.

Currently, there are 42 data centers worldwide for Microsoft Azure.

Azure solutions comprise software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) used for virtual computing, analytics, storage, and networking services.But the question most companies ask is, what is Microsoft azure used for? How does it work? How can it benefit them?

What Is Microsoft Azure Used for [2021]

Microsoft Azure allows users to utilize Microsoft’s cloud services and resources to store and manage data. Additionally, It supports many programming languages, such as Java, C#, and Node Js.

What is Microsoft Azure Used for?

Companies and enterprises across the globe use Microsoft Azure for computing, networking, IoT, artificial intelligence, storage, integration, security, developer tools, DevOps, web services, and other machine learning.

Azure users can not just develop, test, and host web applications to keep them running without interruptions. They get a data storage facility, can create virtual machines, integrate virtual devices and directories, collect and save metrics,

Is Microsoft Azure Free?

The best thing about Microsoft Azure is that it’s free to start and utilizes a pay-per-use model. Simply put, users only pay for the required services.

Users get free access to multiple products— Linux Virtual Machines, Windows Virtual Machines, Managed Disks, Media Services-Encoding, Load Balancer, Blob storage, File Storage, SQL Database, VPN Gateway, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and many more.

How Many Customers Does Azure Have?

More than 94% of Fortune 500 hundred companies employ Microsoft Azure to meet their cloud computing requirements. Microsoft Azure doesn’t reveal the number of current customers. But as per Microsoft’s 2020 Q2 report, Azure revenue growth is on the rise, and enterprise adoption was up 3% to 55% in a year.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Azure is the ultimate solution that offers advanced site recovery, unmatched flexibilities, and built-in integration to perform backup and disaster recovery seamlessly.

Azure users can host and build adaptive web and mobile apps to accelerate business operations, leverage Active Directory integration and IoT industry solutions. 

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