Do You Know When Did the Call Center Start in India?


Nowadays, people are becoming aware of call centers in India as offering high-paying jobs, where employees work both day and night shifts as “Customer Service Representatives” or “Sales Representatives.”

In these roles, employees attempt to solve customer queries or sell products by using various tactics to convince the customer. Let’s discuss and understand the concept of call centers and how this industry operates.

Do You Know When Did the Call Center Start in India

Call Centers In India

In the early 90s, Indian call center emerged with promising opportunities. It was the time when the US, UK, and Australian companies outsourced their business in India. These businesses benefited in India just because of low labor costs, a large English-speaking population, and a workforce ready to work 24/7.

If we observe call center in India, we will find that the majority of employees are the age of thirty, unmarried, and college students. People, irrespective of gender, find it convenient to work across different time zones, such as the US, UK, and Australia. Overall, working in an Indian call center is considered a fast way to become financially stable as it is the highest-paying industry.

Major Call Center Cities in India

Major Call Center Cities in India
Call center in India are flourishing due to an affordable and hardworking workforce. India is a well-liked and beneficial country for outsourcing a variety of commercial activities due to its robust IT infrastructures, easily available communication, and sizable working population. Furthermore, the Indian government actively supports global businesses, particularly in the customer service and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors.

The key hubs for BPOs and Indian call center are located in major cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. These cities are known for their thriving business environments and skilled workforce, making them ideal locations for outsourcing operations.

Evolution Of Call Centers

The idea behind call center outsourcing in India was centered around selling and handling customer queries with a more comprehensive approach. These centers are now known as “Contact Centers” and their staff members are accessible across multiple platforms to swiftly address customer concerns. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, businesses can not only improve their operational efficiency but also boost their standing in the marketplace.

Qualification Required For BPOs

Qualification Required For BPOs
As we know call center is a place where anyone can earn a handsome amount to fulfill their dreams. Most 10+2 graduates find BPOs to start their career with because holding a graduation degree enables them to voice processes. However, good command of the language, excellent communication skills, and strong typing abilities are required in this industry. The promotions and incentives are based on individual performance within a short period. BPOs can be found in healthcare, education, business management, manufacturing, and technology industries. Numerous career opportunities are available in BPOs, as they depend on various job sectors.

These are some career opportunities in call centers in India:

  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Call Center Representative


The call center in India is a profitable industry and significantly contributes to the economy. Since the early 90s, India has been considered the most suitable center for BPOs. Factors like cheap and graduate resources, IT infrastructure, and time zone advantage make India profitable. Many graduates find this industry promising to start their career with. Tier 1 cities in India like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai continue to thrive as key locations for these services.


Low labor costs, a large English-speaking population, and a workforce ready to work 24/7.

There are several reasons why call centers in India are growing:

  • Advanced IT infrastructure
  • Majority of English- Speaking people
  • Affordable labor
  • Government support
  • Time zone advantage
Certainly, BPO and outsourcing are not the same; BPO refers to contracting out non-primary activities such as customer services, HR, accounting, etc. while business operations and functions are involved in Outsourcing.
BPO is an umbrella in which various business processes are involved but the call center is specifically dedicated to handling customer interactions over the phone, email, or chat to support the queries of the client.