Gifting Cars to Star Employees

We are proud of our employees! More than that we are grateful to have them in our family. MoreYeahs stand nowhere without our employees. We cannot describe the hardwork and contribution they have been constantly putting in the company.

The ability to take every task with utmost sincerity has left us all stunned as we try to derive inspiration from you. Yes! they are the perfect employee which every employer desires to have in their team. It gives us immense pride in saying to everyone how great and inspiring team member we have. Diligence and detailed approach towards work has set a benchmark for the rest of the workforce.

We’ll bet they didn’t think if anyone was watching while they invested those extra hours. They were wrong, and We would like to thank them for everything they have done so far. We gifted cars to our best pillars to honour their loyalty and commitment to the organisation. They have been with us since starting and been through every thick and thin.

The company has grown thanks to the hard work of its employees, many of whom have stayed with the company since its inception. This gift is just the first step, and more efforts will be introduced in the future.