Case Study
The Challenge

Solving numerous Pain points

Organizations waste huge amounts of their precious budget just to keep old, isolated systems working. Such regulatory restrictions always restrict data flow and make implementing cutting-edge data relevant technology more challenging. Security is a primary concern in health care applications, as they often deal with confidential and sensitive patient health data.

User experience is of utmost importance when organizations are considering changing or adding new technology. Much like clinicians, doctors, and nurses, patients tend to adopt new healthcare services slowly. Such governmental constraints inevitably limit data flow and make it more difficult to develop cutting-edge data relevant technology.

features of healthcare application
The Solution

Every problem has a unique solution

Everything from sending offer letters to allocating desk locations can be done with an on Board feature. This feature also facilitates communication between new hires and faculty, which is critical for assisting your new employees in adjusting to the organisation.

It permits you to insert hospitable notes for trademark new hires, introduce films concerning the corporate, and write a transitory outline of the organization aims or cadre values. In addition to this, managing onboarding paperwork is simple because all necessary documents are present in a central location. Easy approach to the employee almanac, form procedures, process manuals, and so forth you wish is furthermore guaranteed accompanying the onboarding feature.

Cloud native infrastructure for assisted reproduction clinics

Clinicians waste a huge amount of time using legacy systems where data is siloed and often needs copying from one place to another. With a 100% cloud first integrated IT system, this wasted time is won back empowering clinicians to spend more time with patients. This leads to improved care and better outcomes, with clinicians and couples

Cloud native healthcare infrastructure
virtual clinic to connect with patients

Virtual Clinic

Most patients find booking an appointment a difficult and stressful process. This creates problem for clinician experience, logging in multiple databases, pile of paper and then updating each after the consultation. Virtual Clinic connects the data dots to provide patients with sophisticated wits while freeing clinicians from the drudgery of legalistic tasks.

The Impact

100% Cloud native

We wrap existing systems in the cloud and provide a single source of truth. Allowing midwives to spend time with their patients rather than multiple administrative systems.

100% cloud native. There’s only one way to book, run and follow up on appointments whether those appointments are in person or remote. Healthcare professionals no longer waste time with systems – they’re freed up to spend more quality time with expectant mothers.