Integrate Katalon with Azure DevOps


As I am going to write a blog series over Automation using Katalon Studio and Azure DevOps. I’ll cover all the topics including Automation in CICD pipeline, Reporting, Association of Test Cases, and many more in the different blog posts.

In this blog post of the series, we will see how we can integrate Katalon with Azure DevOps with Automation.


Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool to simplify Web, API, Mobile, Desktop Automated Tests. It can be utilized for integration with popular CI/CD tools such as Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.

Integrate Katalon with Azure DevOps

You need to have Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 or later to use the Azure DevOps extension.

This extension is NOT available for Linux.


  • Must have a Trial or Valid License (Always use your business email for trial Account).
  • You must have an Azure DevOps Service Account with the required permissions.
  • Installation of Katalon for Azure DevOps extension.
  • Katalon Studio command for console mode execution.
  • The command will invoke Katalon Studio Tests task for execution so a Katalon build is needed for each execution.
So, let’s begin, please follow the below steps.

Step 1 -

  • I am assuming you have signup on the Katalon Portal with your business account and downloaded the latest Katalon Studio.

    In my case, I am using a trial license and Katalon Studio 7.3.1 to integrate Katalon with Azure DevOps. You can use a trial license which will provide access to all the features for a limited time period.

Step 2 -

  • Install Katalon for Azure DevOps extension. Once you have installed the extension, you will need to configure to execute the Katalon Studio Tests task to complete the integration.

Step 3 -

  • If you already have a repo for the Katalon project on Git or Azure, then go to step 4, otherwise follow the below steps.

    In Azure DevOps, I have created a separate Project for demo purposes. Inside that project, I have created a repository by importing a sample Webservice project from Katalon Git Repositories. You can use your own custom Katalon Project.

    You can also create an empty repository on Azure and make a clone on your local machine. After that put your katalon project in that folder and commit those changes.

clone to your computer

Step 4 -

Regarding the Command Arguments, you can generate them from your Katalon Studio.

Click on Build CMD icon in Katalon Studio Tool. Click on the Browse button and select your Test Suit. Click on the Generate Command button.

Note: Please leave out any irrelevant arguments such as -runmode-apiKeyOnPremises, etc.

Generate Command in Katalon Studio Tool

Step 5 -

Now go to Pipeline in Azure DevOps, and then click Add to add the Katalon Task.

  • If you are using Classic Editor to create a pipeline without YAML then you will get a screen like this. Click on the Add button after searching for Katalon.
Now go to Pipeline in Azure DevOps, and then click Add to add the Katalon Task.

Once you have added the task, you will need to define the version of Katalon Studio and the command arguments.

version of Katalon Studio and the command arguments

You can give your project path as given below by adding the relative path of your .prj file to D:\a\1\s\.

If you are using the Yaml option to create an azure pipeline. Search for Katalon and click on Task.

If you are using the Yaml option to create an azure pipeline. Search for Katalon and click on Task.

Now define the version of your Katalon Studio and Command Argument and click on Add button.

define the version of your Katalon Studio and Command Argument and click on Add button

Step 6 -

Now Save the pipeline and run it manually.

 Now Save the pipeline and run it manually.

I hope this blog post helped you to solve the problem. If you’re still experiencing the same or other issues, consider contacting our Microsoft Azure Managed Services. We have a team of certified developers who can quickly help you fix all kinds of Azure-related issues.

In the next blog post, I’ll write down about Reporting in Azure DevOps using Katalon.