IX Successful Years of MoreYeahs


We are NINE ….can you believe it??!!

We are still very young and a small fish in the pond compared to the big sharks in the industry. But truly speaking we never wanted to be one of them, and hopefully will never be.

We always asked these questions:

Why should people always have to be in competition with each other? Why can’t coworkers be real friends ? Why is it a must to pull each other down to rise up? Why can’t we balance work and family? Why can’t we be truly happy at work? How can we create a workplace where Mondays are not dreaded?

9 years of moreyeahs

We always wanted to be the ‘Happy Place’ of all the people who are associated with us.

“A home away from home”-

A place where people would generate happiness, trust and love along with a good standard of living. They would take home this gratitude and happiness and help spread it in the community,instead of all the corporate stress and burden.

… thus creating a happier world.

We believed we  would light one candle with the other and generate hope in the hopeless, and beginners.

We have always believed in giving chances to people who want to start afresh, people who want to restart their careers, small businesses, home businesses etc but without giving it any specific term or fancy corporate jargon.

It has always simply been a way of life at MoreYeahs.

This journey of 9 years has been incredible…with ups and downs, lows and highs, peaks and troughs…

But one thing is for sure .. whoever we associated with fell in love with MoreYeahs – be it clients, candidates, team members or vendors…and that has been our true success.

We are also very proud of our alumni who joined us with very humble beginnings and carved themselves here. They have reached places where they wanted to be. We can never forget their contribution in building MoreYeahs.

All in all, it has been a very gratifying journey and we hope that all of us together will continue to add value to this world- with our innovation, our friendships, our support to each other and by spreading more love, light, happiness and peace!!

In the end I want to share  my favourite quote which goes

“Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life”!!

So don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the journey…

Congratulations on the 9th Anniversary of your beloved MoreYeahs!

Author – Neha Kanodia Gandhi

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