What is SharePoint? A Guide to Its Key Features


Tired of maintaining multiple folders and scrambling for information every time?

Microsoft 365 introduces a simple yet effective solution to your database organizing and communication needs with SharePoint Intranet. SharePoint is a game-changing platform that acts as an all-in-one solution that makes content and data management an easy job.

SharePoint also allows you to create amazing websites while collaborating with your colleagues in real-time. Furthermore, SharePoint is also available on both online and on-premise versions.

What’s new? Read this blog till the end to know more about key features of SharePoint.

What is SharePoint_ A Guide to Its Key Features

Best Features of SharePoint

It is no longer a secret that SharePoint is among the most highly demanded tools for building private sites. As a flexible platform, SharePoint adoption assists companies in digitizing communication and collaboration across organizations.

On this ground, let’s take you through the key features of SharePoint that ensure streamlining of communication across organizations in the following points.

1. Improvised OneDrive

Initially, Microsoft 365’s SharePoint 2019 lets on-premise users sync their Onedrive with Windows 10. Nevertheless, the Next Gen Sync Client, or NGSC is the updated version of SharePoint 2019. This allows users to work on files on demand and other latest innovations.
Improvised OneDrive

2. AI-Powered Search

With Azure AI-search, SharePoint development service users can access and extract data from diverse sources. Azure AI Search is a crawler that empowers SharePoint Online Indexer as an interesting SharePoint feature. This indexer helps execute crawling by connecting to your SharePoint site and indexes documents from several data libraries.
AI-Powered Search

3. Better Mobile Responsiveness

Every SharePoint site today is responsive through any device. Thus improved responsiveness is one of the noteworthy key features of SharePoint. To take mobile responsiveness of SharePoint to another level, you can also access the SharePoint app. Through this, you can interact with your files on the go easily through your mobile.

Furthermore, you can also download the documents easily through this app. You will also receive a notification every time a new document gets uploaded on SharePoint intranet. This will ultimately help you ease the process of streamlining and collaboration with your team members even remotely.
Better Mobile Responsiveness

4. Improved Libraries and Lists

With the updated version of the best features of SharePoint, users can have all relevant information at their disposal conveniently.

The updated lists and libraries offer a glance at information like metadata and permissions on the very first page. Furthermore, you can also share the information with “Copy to” and “Move to” options. You can also refine the data with conditional formatting of the libraries and lists.
Improved Libraries and Lists

5. Modernized Outlook for SharePoint Communication Sites

Updated communication sites are the new and one of the most noteworthy SharePoint features. Users of SharePoint application development services opt for communication sites to share any business-related updates news and policies.

The updated SharePoint 2019 also provides three different templates to assist in seamless communication. They are Blank, Showcase, and Tropic.
Modernized Outlook for SharePoint Communication Sites

6. An Improvised Hybrid App Launcher

A Hybrid App Launcher is another new interactive key feature of SharePoint. This ensures a smooth and seamless transition between the on-premise and online modes when working hybrid.
An Improvised Hybrid App Launcher

7. Enhanced Integration with Microsoft Teams

The new updates of Microsoft 365’s SharePoint a digital work environment based on tools. The platform can also extend functionality with improved integration with tools like OneDrive and Teams.

Furthermore, its close integration with Microsoft Teams ensures quick communication among team members in terms of sharing documents. This helps organizations to focus on enhancing productivity in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are a variety of SharePoint benefits that can help teams work together efficiently. Its list of key features includes document libraries, discussion boards, and calendars.

The points above cover key features of SharePoint that make it a crucial application for today’s workplace. Furthermore, SharePoint also offers a diverse customization option that allows users to easily organize tasks and information as per their priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions
SharePoint is essential for businesses today as it enhances collaboration between employees. To achieve this, SharePoint streamlines document management and supports business process automation while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365. Additionally, it also ensures security and compliance while boosting productivity.
SharePoint offers document management and advanced collaboration while integrating with Microsoft 365. This helps SharePoint support complex workflows and enterprise needs. Whereas, Google Drive solely focuses on cloud storage and document sharing. Google Drive also seamlessly integrates within the Google ecosystem.
SharePoint helps simplify team collaboration activities like business process automation, and document management while integrating with Microsoft 365. OneDrive on the other hand, offers a personal cloud that focuses simply on file storage and sharing along with basic collaboration features. Seamless workflow practices are not a necessity for OneDrive as it is for SharePoint.