In the past few years, the world is more concerned about being connected, every time when technology came which makes the world closer it always becomes a revolution. As we seen in previous decades from telephones to social networking have always proved to be something that not only makes people’s life easy by making the world closer but also turned into a great ROI source.



 World is at shift of another revolution but this time it is more focused on connecting the physical devices (electronic devices) with internet and interconnecting them together as a result which makes devices smart by collecting the data at real-time and applying analytics on those data to know what’s going in the real world ie is IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that makes every electronic device wirelessly connected to the internet, allowing for data to be extracted from those devices. Some industries are already using IoT in their daily operations; for example, it can be used to automate certain tasks by connecting each step of a process online.

Real-life IOT Scenarios: You probably have been thinking that how these things will make an impact in real life
  • Considering a simple scenario in which a Beacons(BLE Technology a device which can be attached via Bluetooth usually transmits signals) which are installed in your office attached to your mobile with blue-tooth tracking you via signal’s it’s transmitting for eg when you checkout from office to home data will be sent to cloud from mobile and from cloud to any of your connected appliance to cloud-like coffee machine or toaster so you may have your lunch ready while you reach home.
  • Now adding a little complex one, Consider a you got any problem in your car and you see engine light so device monitoring engine data will trigger and send data to cloud book appointment to near warehouse ask your permission to book appointment not also that cloud also send specific details about fault to manufacturer so it can be analyzed how many customers are facing same problem and cause of it which will improve the manufacturer product quality.
  • More advanced scenarios can be implementing proximity in IoT(internet of things) enabled objects which get them to serve your needs at the right place at the right time. “Team MoreYeahs working in the same direction in which projects included of implementing proximity with IoT and helping bigger industries to manage their assets and improving productivity”.

Understanding Proximity:


 In simple terms, Proximity is IOT driven objects which are changing and reacting according to our location. In more depth tracking your location and making your life more easy by knowing what needs do you have.

Moreyeahs Team is doing the same thing for big corporate giants We are building the platform which implements the proximity(Location tracking of the employees) for the companies in which mass production is done and their production is Labor oriented. As mass production is done so a lot of employees required to be in their places because any employee away from responsibility during working hours causes loss. So tracks of the proximity of each and every employee present at the particular job assigned to them must be kept in check, And work hours are calculated according to it For e.g.” Considering a company in which large scale production of mobile manufacturing is done, and it requires a lot of employees to be on their workbench to perform the job such a companies have different department from assembling, packaging, maintenance, etc each department with large number of employees so tracking each employee how much they were on their workbench after checking in could save corporate a lot ”. HOW MOREYEAHS DOING IT??: Using latest Beacon Technology and IoT (Internet of Things) clouds platforms Moreyeahs making it into reality. Beacons are used to track your assets and staff “Beacons are Bluetooth based device which is used as a tracking solution which is cost-effective, Robust, Long lasting and very easily integrate solution ”. Beacons are device transmits signals it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible light, though, it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of A Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon once it’s in range.

Working and Role of this Beacons.

The beacons can be attached to mobile devices using Bluetooth. There can be an app that can be triggered automatically when comes to the effective range of beacons and though Beacons transmits unique signals can perform different functions for different Beacons. The main Role of Beacons is here to collect data and transfer to the cloud. In a production environment, it can be done in different ways every employee has the app installed in the phone and Bluetooth enabled so at every checking and checkout or when the employee is away from workbench every data is collected from the beacons connected and then transferred to the cloud.
Role of IOT cloud platform: The IoT platform will help us to manage gateways and location engine for beacons it will help us to subscribe data which are published by beacons and we can use these data to apply analytics and generate reports for each employee. Also, we can use different IoT protocols to trigger different IoT devices to variety on actions based on data. In production scenario we are managing and analyzing data published by apps on the cloud-connected to the beacons
  • Challenges we have overcome: There were a lot of challenges that the team has overcome in the following scenario’s:
  • getting data from beacon itself is a challenging task because it gives more than 60 objects in a minute for a single user and we have to get data from many beacons for many users and also trigger multiple functionalities to be done on that data.
  • Secondly, another challenge that Team is successful in overcoming is that we have to get data from beacons to the database in real-time, beacons are sending data to the cloud continuously so we can’t just use rest-API to call data. The team used latest IoT protocol to get streaming in real-time and putting them in the database.
  • Thirdly we have to pipeline the data and apply analytics in it and generate the report for every employee performance
Working and Role of this Beacons

Advantages to our valuable clients:


  • Improve staff productivity by reducing search time for key equipment.
  • Increase asset and space utilization by tracking of occupancy and asset usage.
  • Understand the state and usage patterns of equipment through telemetry information.