Plant Trees to Combat Deforestation – Find Out How We Took a Step Towards Plantation. The foundation of any employee engagement activity is the purpose and motivation behind it. Reforestation and reforestation efforts are currently at the forefront of the collective consciousness due to the widespread green damage caused by deforestation. It is an issue at the heart of the corporate world that often casts a sharp and critical eye on bosses in companies that do not contribute to the environment in any way. Emphasizing principles is one of the most effective motivations for a sustainable working model.

This also has many benefits for her CSR of the company and is a good PR story. Planting trees as an employee engagement activity is also an opportunity for employees to introduce themselves to the company in a green way that emphasizes team building. Planting and caring for trees also benefits mental health at work, as employees feel more connected and have the opportunity to relax. One of the easiest remedies for workplace sickness is in nature, so planting trees will definitely improve your mood.

In MoreYeahs we believe that mind peace and relax environment is the top most amenities that should be given to the employees. We come up with new unique ways to give the best to our family. This event was very successful as we noticed increase in communication and interaction among our people. Office is not just about sitting in a room and working.