Pocket Finance

Case Study
The Challenge

Solving numerous Pain points

The challenge for any business (and particularly a startup) is to manage its net cash flow and ensure that it does not run out of money.

Startups and small businesses are vulnerable to many cash flow problems because of the lack of visibility of cash flow and runway in real time.

By spotting problems with spendings and customer payments, identifying potential shortfalls in cash balances in advance, and providing personalized advice for each type of situation, PocketCFO helps entrepreneurs avoid cash flow problems.

 manage net cash flow with pocket finance
The Solution

Every problem has a unique solution

PocketCFO connects your bank and ledger to reconcile and analyze cash flow. You don’t need to worry if your outsourced accountant can’t immediately tell you how long your cash is going to last, or if your books are not updated to calculate your runway.

PocketCFO gives you visibility to your cash position and runway in real time.


Business Need

Cash flows into the bank account when customers pay for their sales, when a loan is received from the bank, interest is received or when assets are sold.

cash flow management in Pocket Finance
Calculation of difference in net cash flow

Business Need

Cash flows out of the bank account when suppliers are paid, employee wages and salaries are paid interest is paid to the bank, and so on. The difference between the cash inflows and cash outflows during a specific period (e.g., a week, month) is known as the net cash flow.
The Impact

Managing cashflow and ensuring that it does not run out of money

PocketCFO, a financial insights platform, provides real time updates and insights right at your finger tips. You can check your cash flow and runway anytime, anywhere.