Our DevOps services ensure on-boarding of applications by facilitating continuous integration and development and automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across several leading platforms. With our DevOps consulting, we help various enterprises to achieve higher efficiency, better quality of software builds, and faster time. DevOps consulting services facilitate the provider journey to an organization. DevOps develops and deploys software in a collaborative manner. Our DevOps consulting helps organizations align with the goals, producing high-quality software-based services.

Our Offerings

Infrastructure Management

It is a fundamental building block for any organization to achieve a DevOps methodology. MoreYeahs DevOps services utilize the cloud in improving reliability and scalability

Configuration Management

It enforces the state across IT infrastructure, as well as standardizes configuration, this can be done in an agile and automated manner

Environment Management

Our management services help in managing your code, make your server and services ready for your consumers and automate your platforms


Automating the deployed project makes the companies more agile and efficient while reducing the risk and overall production time


With the help of this, IT teams and developers can use the same network environments, further reducing costs substantially

Code Integration & Inspection

Continuous integration leads to clean code. It helps improve code, and ensure quality build and code reports


We help organizations understand their customers better and enhance the conversations. We help our clients get the most out of their CRM implementation by enabling a customer-centric digital business.

Our expertise in above domain enable us to provide tailor made solutions for you. We believe that migration to cloud would only be successful if the underlying system is robust. We provide you the best.
Web development
We specialize in developing highly engaging web and eCommerce solutions that will help you dominate the digital marketplace. Moreyeahs offers a variety of website design and development services,
Testing and QA
We provide a broad spectrum of testing services depending upon the requirement of your app. The reason for testing to happen is to increase the customer satisfaction as it marginally reduces the performance risk.
Group 113

Akhilesh, I like how you guys work. Where have you guys been all my life! Please never stop being brilliant or reducing the quality of your communication, Speed of work and good understanding of the client. It’s a great asset .

Group 113

I look forward to a long relationship and we being your largest client in the very near future.

Group 113

Everyone is quite pleased. Applying those work around was what we needed. Thank you for doing that! Great work! Your skill and experience with the MSCRM portal environment is apparent.

Group 113

I look forward to a long relationship and we being your largest client in the very near future.

Group 113

The work that you are doing its awesome, thanks a lot.


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