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Worried About Sales Target

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Worried About Sales Target

Every salesperson is having concern of Targets, like How to achieve? What will help in targets? What procedure I should follow, Where I can get big projects? And a lot of thoughts coming in every Salesperson’s mind.

Do you know how much it’s easy? Here are the points I’m sharing with my personal experience.

  • Focus on the company, not the Prospect
  • Follow-up by Multiple Email
  • Relevant Content to Prospect
  • Know when it’s time to break up
  • Vary your follow-up mediums
  • Be persistent just for a while
  • Don’t follow-up too often
  • Build your Social Media Presence
  • Ask for reference
  • Not done after a Sale
Follow Up

Focus on the company, not the Prospect If you’re selling your product to small businesses, reaching out to one person could be enough. But if you’re selling to larger organizations, multiple people are involved in the buying decision and you need to build relationships with all of them.

Follow-up by Multiple Email What you have to remember is that you may not get a response from your first email as inbox clutter is too common. Get ready to send multiple emails if you plan on using this approach. Here, you must give a lot of importance to the subject line, as it acts as the underlying factor to open your email or not.

Relevant Content to Prospect If you are talking to any prospect or sending any mail that should be relevant if you want attention from the client.

Know when it’s time to break up the Best time to follow-up with any prospect is the time when he is looking for services.

Vary your follow-up mediums Follow-up medium should be different not only one.

Be persistent just for a while Don’t give up, If you haven’t got a response from your first email.

Don’t follow-up too often It’s simple. Create a follow-up schedule and stick to it.

Build your Social Media Presence Please check this blog how to make Social Media Presence

Ask for reference Nothing is better than a happy customer because happy customers spread the happy word & they will refer you further or you can ask for referrals.

Not done after a Sale Don’t treat a signed contract like a finish line. There are high chances you will get more business from the same client, so continue your follow-up.

Sales is always about Persistent. To achieved target, its very important to “you should be persistent whatever approach you are using.”

Well said by:

“Either you follow-up or you fold-up”
― Bernard Kelvin Clive

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