explain Does POWER BI Work With On-Prem Deployment?

Does POWER BI Work with On-Prem Deployment?

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Microsoft’s flagship BI software, Power BI, is the accumulation of reporting, data visualization, business intelligence (BI) apps, and services. It delivers exceptional publication and distribution capabilities which distinguishes it from other software. Power BI helps businesses visualize data to get actionable insights and make informed decisions.

POWER BI On-Premise Deployment

Power BI Report Server is a standalone product and an on-premise version of the Power BI Desktop that allows hosting Power BI reports. Power BI on-premises denominated as Power BI Report Server. It is an on-premises report server and hosts Power BI Reports on an on-premises report server. Furthermore, It uses a three-tier architecture same as SQL Server Reporting Services. You can host key performance indicators (KPIs), mobile reports, and paginated reports.

First, create reports in Power BI Desktop or Pro, and viewers can access those reports on a mobile device or web browser using Report Server. Power BI is a suitable choice for organizations that have restrictions on cloud usage. Deploying Power BI is essential to fulfilling the rising demand for on-premise data and reporting solutions.

What are the features of the Power BI Report Server?

The Power BI Report Server offers the functionality found in the Power BI Service. You can consider Power BI Report Server as a superset of SSRS.

Host Power BI Reports On-Premise

Power BI Report Server allows sharing and collaborating reports. The software comes with functionalities that enable users to deploy mobile reports (.rsmobile), KPIs, and paginated reports (.rdl) to the server. In addition, you can easily migrate/upgrade the current report server database to Power BI Report Server. Organizations that wish to save their data and reports on their own servers can benefit from Power BI Report Server.

Custom Visuals

You can utilize Custom Visuals with Power BI Report Server.  However, there is a limitation to know. Make sure you use supported custom visual API to build custom visuals. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Export to CSV

If you want to check accurate numbers, then export report data into a CSV file.

Power BI Mobile App to Instantly View Report

Users can connect to Power BI Report Server through the Power BI mobile app. Power BI mobile currently supports Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms.

What Are the Limitations of the Power BI Report Server?

Despite all these features, Power BI has some limitations you need to be aware of before deployment. For instance, Power BI Report Server can only host Power BI reports. It does not support Power Bi Desktop preview features and only supports two data sources—Tabular and Multidimensional models.

How to Acquire Power BI Report Server?

You can’t purchase Power BI Report Server as a standalone product. The preferred way is purchasing Power BI Premium capacity in the Power BI Service. Businesses can obtain Power BI Report Server either by buying a Power BI Premium subscription or through active SQL Server Enterprise Software Assurance (SA).

POWER BI Premium Subscription

Organizations that require both cloud and on-premises BI architecture can acquire Power BI Report Server through subscription. The product is included with Power BI Premium capacity within the Power BI Service. You may think of it as an “add-on” to purchasing Premium capacity.


Power BI Pro

Per User/month: $9.99  

Power BI Premium

Per User/month: $20 

Per Capacity/Month: $4,995

  1. SQL Server Enterprise with active Software Assurance (SA)

It is included with the purchase of SQL Server Enterprise with active Software Assurance (SA). It is currently the ONLY way on-premises customers can obtain Power BI Report Server.

Enterprise Cost:



Power Bi Pro: 20$/User/Month


Altogether, Power BI Report Server offers all essential features to resolve critical issues. If you have any questions about Power BI Report Server or are interested in learning more, connect with us. Our team will answer your queries and help you pick the best solution that meets your business needs.


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