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How to use Package deployer tool to deploy packages for dynamics 365

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If you are a developer then you must know what is use of package solutions into dynamics. A package solution contains entities, fields, plugins, your application logic code and etc elements. Sometimes we need more than one package to ship to our customers for their functional dependency. Package deployer tool helps to create a single package that can contain multiple packages, master data files, code, and able to contains almost most of the required elements to create a single package on which we can show custom Html to describe details about the package.


We can download the Package Deployer using PowerShell from below link

For creating package using visual studio we need package deployer template you can download it from below site

Run the CRMSDKTemplates.vsix to install the template for your visual studio.

After successful installation, create a new project of type CRM Package

New project window

In solution we have PkgFolder, Inside it we have:

Content -folder in which we can configure wizard’s html page to show information regarding package and company.

ImportConfig.xml – Configuration file for mapping data files and solutions.

Here we need to place our configdata and record files as well.

Below is the screenshot:

how to create package in package deployer

To create the data file use configuration migration tool of CRM SDK.

Update ImportConfig.xml by mentioned your files. Place the solution which you like to ship.

Update Html according to your needs.

Now Create one folder and place all the code which you found inside PackageDeployment tool.

Build the solution and copy PkgFolder and dll of the project and paste into newly created folder which has PackageDeployement files

shows package folder file

Run PackageDeployer, add your orgainization credentials and you will get the deployer wizard as below

MY EMS package tool setup wwindow
Ready to install MY EMS package tool page
Reading to MY EMS package installer configuration
executing install actions
executing install actions checklist
installation complete image
showing graph of Automate Calls

Feel “More-Yeahs” now you can automate your calls

Reading Time: 4 minutes
be ready image with connecting automate call

Feel “More-Yeahs” now you can automate your calls at your own will by saying bye to the millennial manual dailing process.

Embrace the “JOY” and “YEAHS” of the manageable auto-dialing process more than ever before which will help
1.small to large scale call centers
2. Entrapuner
3. Marketing Firms
4. Sales firms
5. If your Business Use case required calling and messaging
“which help them to”
1.To increase the productivity
2.To Manage Your Resource
3.Cost-Effective Rocket up your sales and marketing
4.Track the insight of your campings
5.No hardware resource single click cloud 6. configuration High-End Automation to save time

Team Moreyeahs has built the Autodailer which is very easy to use and customizable role-based feature (Admin, agent, manager, etc can be customized )
Role Admin can
Easy Onboarding
On-board customers so easy even via uploading excel and rest more years will manage
On-Board Employees
Easily Assign Resource Managers

Power camping

Easy to create camping with existing customers and can add additional customers on camping creating (“save time we know how it has done HAHA” ), excel upload is also available.
Can start and stop camping at their own will
Edit your campings
AutoSave Campings for Future Use Cases/Business Requirements

Track Camping
Can easily track your camping status while running camping, number of calls placed till now, number of calls picked up, current running camping and lot more
Get camping analytics after it runs successfully
Track Agents status on camping
Agent sales analysis on a camping

power capmaign details

Easy Resource Management

Always tricky for the manager to assign resources to their work individually and keep track of it, and if everything is done right always there is a loose end to that
is correctly understood by the agent so it achieves the proper execution
No worries Team moreyeahs got your back covered just need to start your camping and on single click

Resource Management window

Your Agents can receive the call popup of the customer and to ease their work call will be auto pickup on the agent side and will ring to the customer in camping 🙂 cool right.

Agents just need to conversate when the customer in campings pickups the call and if the customer doesn’t pick up the camping will call another customer automatically

After a call is finished with a customer if the agent wants to schedule a meeting with the customer and can see the scheduled time on their calendar as a reference.

And this is the only part of Agent Active mode. We have manual and break mode for agents and Team moreyeahs can customize the modes for you according to your business needs with Agent

ring to the customer window
call status

Agent Manual Mode

The manual mode we have provided Agents flexibility to take their scheduled calls and agents can see their scheduled calls for today

Agents just like admin can track his own productivity on our agent dashboard and adjust his deliverables accordingly

In Manager mode: Manager can track the camping status, get agents to work details, assign their deliverables and notify admin and agents.

campaign status under manager mode

Other Quality Usecases we have
1. View the notes of customer, filter and sort them
2. Can see how much calls are done to a single customer to so if an agent changes for a customer so no hassle on follow-up.
Many others…

Agent status
view all call details

Coming Soon
1. Chat Features Between Admin, Manager and Agents
2. Automatic Notification for scheduled calls
3. Backlog campings which automatically trigger the calls are not picked up on the particular camping that you created and call the customer depending on the Business Requirement
4. Sentiment Analysis of notes given by customer and notes taken by the agent