SharePoint Integration with MS CRM D365 Portal

Today I tried to Set up SharePoint integration in MS CRM Portal. As usual, I selected Enable option in the confirmation window. It will enable the portal to communicate with SharePoint. While the SharePoint integration is being enabled, the portal restarts and will be unavailable for a few minutes and a message will appear when SharePoint integration is enabled.

But when I clicked on the enable option, I got the message asking for Azure AD consent as given in the below image.



In the past few years, the world is more concerned about being connected, every time when technology came which makes the world closer it always becomes a revolution. As we seen in previous decades from telephones to social networking have always proved to be something that not only makes people’s life easy by making the world closer but also turned into a great ROI source.

automate your calls with MoreYeahs

Feel “More-Yeahs” now you can automate your calls

Feel “More-Yeahs” now you can automate your calls at your own will by saying bye to the millennial manual dailing process.

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1. small to large-scale call centers
2. Entrapuner
3. Marketing Firms
4. Sales firms
5. If your Business Use case required calling and messaging
“which help them to”

1. To increase the productivity
2. To Manage Your Resource
3. Cost-Effective Rocket up your sales and marketing
4. Track the insight of your campings
5.No hardware resource single click cloud
6. configuration High-End Automation to save time

Team Moreyeahs has built the Autodailer which is very easy to use and customizable role-based feature (Admin, agent, manager, etc can be customized )
Role Admin can
Easy Onboarding
On-board customers so easy even via uploading excel and rest more years will manage
On-Board Employees
Easily Assign Resource Managers