Do You Know When Did the Call Center Start in India

Do You Know When Did the Call Center Start in India?

Nowadays, people are becoming aware of call centers in India as offering high-paying jobs, where employees work both day and night shifts as “Customer Service Representatives” or “Sales Representatives.”

In these roles, employees attempt to solve customer queries or sell products by using various tactics to convince the customer. Let’s discuss and understand the concept of call centers and how this industry operates.


IT sector startups boom despite the economic slowdown

We do come across articles on a regular basis highlighting the economic slow down in the country. A logical analysis of this scene will bring you to the conclusion that the start-up of IT companies is still coming up independent of the market scenes.

Core sectors of civil and mechanical engineering have undoubtedly seen a slump in the jobs as a result of the market scenes. But here is the other side that despite the job crisis in the core sectors the IT industry is still open to recruitments.

This article in no intention is putting up the points that advocate the fact that the IT industry is more lucrative than the core sectors but this blog is actually a kind of case study of the overall economic scenes of the startups.